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The changing of the guards is happening as we speak. We now have to look at the ones pushing the boundaries. Jamaica is one of those melting pot islands. You can get the likes of Grace Jones, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff a comedian like Oliver Samuels, Christopher Daley. Singers like Junior Gong, the great Kool Herc and other greats. What they had in common was a drive to be bigger than just a name on the island. The person we are talking about now, also has his eyes on the prize. 

This is where I introduce a young producer and one we should have our ears and eyes on. “1Hamez music”. 

He is a young talented producer, writer who is finding himself punching above his belt. James Stewart better known to us and the world as “1Hamez” or really thats the brand he’s trying to establish.
He got his start in the business as a child and now is growing into his own. Creating his own label and outfit, signing his first artist and working alongside genuine hitmakers. He is only 21. He’s been doing this for 7 years solid and has racked up a nice resume in the last 4 years. Between ages 14-18 he composed the famous “Bread Winner” Riddim (Bugle, Shane O and others). He has made singles for Shane O, Alqual working on a next single with Mr Peppa and others.

So now lets do this for real. Age 21. Working with the likes of Dane Ray, Push A Yute, UIM, FullRange Ent. So with these group of all star producers its not hard to see that he is destined for greatness. He’s already establishing himself and his outfit. He signed his first act “Phoenixx” and is looking to show more of what his skills has to offer for 2021. Lets keep an eye out for Hamez and his banging beats.

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